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About WOW

Greetings and welcome to the WOW experience! 

Women of Worth NYC is committed to providing services that promote mental wellness for women of color. WOW NYC believes that healing women is essential in healing their families, personal relationships, and the community! We are dedicated to providing programs and services that support the growth and development for women of color to thrive! If you are a women of color with the desire to heal, check out our programs. We would love to be part of your healing journey!


In Sisterhood,


Victoria Edwards   &   Ginova Rodriguez

      Founder              Co- Founder

Our Philosophy

The Women of Worth NYC philosophy is that the restoration of marginalized communities begins with the protection, support, and empowerment of adolescent girls and women by acknowledging and addressing the effects of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, mental health, substance abuse and systemic oppression.

Our Mission

The Women of Worth Mission is to align the mental health success of adolescent girls and women with their academic and professional goals to reach self-actualization. Our approach is to infuse trauma informed practices in social-emotional enrichment programs, educational workshops, seminars, and empowerment events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to heal adolescent girls and women, build healthy relationships and restore our communities.

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